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Christmas in Time: Seven Stories of Christmas Through the Ages

I'm excited about a new project that my critique group is doing--publishing a Christmas anthology! This is what the cover looks like.

It is available now to pre-order on for the Kindle version, and the physical book will be available by October 1st. These faith-based stories are all very different, set in a variety of time and places.

"Christmas in Time takes a new look at the holiday through the imaginations of seven Christian authors. From Judea on that very first Christmas to England, Japan, and the United States, Christmas in Time explores love, faith, and hope through the eyes and hearts of ordinary people."

My story, "A Home for Christmas," is set in 1906 in rural Belden, located in northwestern North Dakota. It's about bachelor Axel Kellsen in his 30's who is homesteading on a "quarter," a 160-acre claim. As his best friend is dying, he asks Axel to take in his eight-year-old son Louie. Axel wants no part of fatherhood--he's seen how hard being a single parent is for a homesteader--and asks the neighbors to raise him. Louie doesn't agree with the arrangement.

Northwestern North Dakota, where I grew up, still has a part of my heart. My previous blogs on here include items from the homesteading days. Those adventuresome and tough men and women (quite a few women homesteaded their own quarters, although the majority had fathers and brothers to help them) went through unbelievably hard times--thinking ahead to better days.

I hope you will enjoy reading our stories!

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