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The Golden Book of Favorite Songs

One of my all time favorite books was the songbook we used in country school when I was in the first grade, 1960-1961. We sang from this book with our teacher, but I can't remember if she played the piano that was in our one-room schoolhouse. I absolutely loved many of these songs. My copy is dilapidated, but treasured.

The back cover.

My very favorite song, "Largo," which I tried rather unsuccessfully to play on our old pump organ.

And I played "Santa Lucia" over and over.

And the hauntingly sad "Old Black Joe." The older I got, the sadder this became to me, but I still love the tune.

And "Solomon Levi" was another I played so many times. The tune never failed to cheer me up on a bad day!

The book has patriotic songs, hymns, Christmas favorites, little children songs, etc.

I feel blessed growing up with these songs.

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