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The Save All Coffee Can

My Mom gave me an old coffee can that I treasure. It's called the Save All Coffee can. I don't know the years they were made, but it's from a lot of decades ago.

It's a metal coffee can (I can't remember the last metal one I bought, but it was probably over twenty years ago) with sections/blades on the bottom to auger out the coffee in measurements.

This is a view from the top to the inside.

The slit across the bottom half has a button handle that you slide across. One 'slide' gives you the amount of coffee needed for your pot! (Yes, that's probably fairly stale coffee grounds there, ha, but I will never have the heart to replace them.)

The little oblong window is glass, so you can see the amount of coffee you have in the can.

How slick is that for the perfect coffee can?!

Through the improvements of time, we went from that to a solid metal can, then to plastic containers. And now ... this is how I buy coffee. Sigh, so sad. A cheesy plastic bag that doesn't even have decent closures. :)


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