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Wild Turkeys on the Prairie

In the 1990's, wild turkeys were released in North Dakota. My brother Carl said he remembers being quite surprised the first time he heard a wild turkey "gobbling" on his farm in northwestern ND. In these later years, there are fewer and fewer of them. He surmises that the coyotes are getting the young ones before they are able to fly up into the trees to escape. So sad!

We've really enjoyed seeing these turkeys and the babies. At times there were several hens guarding more than one age of chicks. I loved seeing their cooperative babysitting! For some reason it reminds me of the homesteading women, who depended on each other for companionship, learning new skills, midwifery and preparing those who had died. They did what they had to do.

The turkeys below were in front of Mom's garage. They are skittish, not tame, but not terribly worried since neither Mom nor Carl and Shell in the adjoining farmyard have dogs. Plus Carl and Shell feed them grain regularly!

These didn't want their pictures taken. Running away with the most awesome gobbling sounds! When people come toward them, they head for the trees.

A group of adult turkeys feasting on Carl and Shell's evening feeding.

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