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Big Rock

One of my favorite landmarks on our North Dakota farm is "Big Rock." You may have guessed that I didn't lead a very complicated or exotic life, with this as a highlight of my youth. But ask my kids and hubby, I still love rocks!

Big Rock is straight west of my Mom's farmstead, in the pasture on the hills above the coulees. Below is a picture of our daughter Jana (my faithful exploring partner) as she and I took a walk through the coulees one spring day.

Jana on Big Rock.

My younger brother Carl and my sister Kathryn and I used to play on this rock--which seemed humongous then. It was a tea party spot, a stage to sing on, a high point for scouting out the land (never mind that the hill behind it is higher...), a safety point from "wild animals," or a bed to lie on as we watched the clouds float into different shapes.

Since I've moved away, I've seen many rocks much larger. (You should see me driving near Butte, Montana, trying to stay on the freeway ... rubbernecking at all the gorgeous rock formations.) But Big Rock will always hold a special place in my heart.

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