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Prairie Wildflowers

This past July, our daughter Jana and I went on a search for wild tiger lilies, my very favorite prairie flower. They are becoming more rare, at least around my Mom's farm, but I was thrilled we found three of them in a ditch along the road. Smaller than most lilies, the blossoms are 2-3 inches.

Sunflowers at the edge of the ditch where we found the wild tiger lilies.

Another big favorite of mine are the crocuses. They mean spring! Different type of seasons bring forth sparse or plentiful crocuses. Some years the stems were four-five inches long, and others barely an inch or so--hard to pick bouquests for Mom with those stubby little stems. Below, a (rather sparse) hillside of the pale lavender crocus.

North Dakota is known for beautiful sunsets and sunflowers. Many times while picking bouquets, my fingers gave up trying to break off the tough grizzly stems of sunflowers.

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